Photo Reflection of the Day #245: Final Race of the Year

Final Race of the Year - 20151125_174950

What Is It

My race number for The Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run in Salem on Thanksgiving morning.

Why It's today's Pick

I've run the Wild Turkey Run a few times since picking up running.  It's a fun and giant race that many people partake in before going off to feast for the day.  Given that I didn't end up doing nearly as many races as I have in the past because of time, money, and injury, I wanted to do one last solid race.  My last race (a half-marathon in which I destroyed my previous timing and finally broke two hours) was pretty motivating and inspiring for me to try again.  So I decided I would run this race hard and see where it put me.  I did pretty well for myself.  I ran the race in 42:15, which means I averaged 8:27 miles.  This proved to be a personal record by far with previous 5 mile races being somewhere around 45 minutes or longer.  So that's 2 races in a row with personal bests--I'll take it!
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