Photo Reflection of the Day #244: What's In the Rearview?

What's In the Rearview? 20151125_075359(0)

What Is It

A shot of my driver's side mirror capturing the truck that's also currently passing me beyond the mirror.

Why It's today's Pick

Some shots come to you in a flash.  Initially, my interest in this shot was the contrast of shade where my car sat in traffic and the reflection in the mirror, which showed such a bright and sunny world.  The contrast was fantastic.  So I took out the phone and took a few shots (we were stopped in traffic--to be clear).  However, the oncoming traffic began moving and I figured I would keep taking pictures to see what I got.  This photo was the best of the lot.  If you look, you see there is a truck beyond the mirror and there is the head of a truck in the reflection.  However, these are not the same truck, but rather 2 different trucks.  

This submission is part of the 365 Challenge.  For 2015's submissions, check out this link to all the posts.  For access to all photos, which open for reuse under a Creative Commons License, check out the full album on Flickr.

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