Photo Reflection of the Day #241: Strange Spaces at UMASS Boston

Strange Spaces at UMASS Boston - 20151120_054900

What Is It

A lower-level entrance area at University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Why It's today's Pick

There are many less sketchy entrances at UMASS Boston.  However, few of them are actually open at 5:45AM which is what time I typically get to campus on Fridays for classes (Why do I get there that early?  Because it means no traffic AND I get a parking spot on campus).  But this entrance does exist which will get me into the Science building and into the catwalk which I can then access the other buildings.  It's all a bit convoluted.  But even I find walking down this space a bit strange.  Granted, the area in this photo is behind a mesh fence, I'm still at odds with this scene on both sides of me while I walk down some 30 yards of this space in a quiet and remove part of the campus.  It feels like the perfect set up for a horror movie!

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