Photo Reflection of the Day #232: While Waiting at the Train Tracks

While Waiting at the Train Tracks - 20151112_201412

What Is It

A photo taken from inside of a railroad crossing with its posts down and lights flashing, warning of a train coming.  

Why It's today's Pick

It struck me to take this photo; the calm before the train when the arms come down and you await to see if the train is actually coming.  What I liked about the image here is not so much just the railroad crossing but that it is taken from inside the car, which layers it with rain spots and a glare that adds a filter of its own to the image.  I find the blinking red lights also curious in that the ones on the right are at almost full radiance while the left ones just have an inkling of a light.  They haven't gone out entirely, but are clearly retracting.  

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