Photo Reflection of the Day #230: Soft and Fuzzy

Soft and Fuzzy - 20151110_083509

What Is It

The insides of a bud on a weed (I think).

Why It's today's Pick

The wispy inside of this bud (or flower--I'm never quite sure) looks so soft and cottony.  I think it is coming from a week because the plant is part of a landscape and looks more like an intruder rather than a resident.  But I liked this juxtaposition of the soft with the spikes of leaf in the bottom right corner.  I also like the whiteness in contrast to the brown and green background.  However, even the whiteness is dull and gray, a strong indicator that winter is coming.  Could this be a weed's attempt to provide some kind of interesting substance for birds and critters to use to make a nest and thus potentially a means by spreading its seed? 
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