Photo Reflection of the Day #224: Slick Spot

Slick Spot - 20151102_152720

What Is It

An oil slick on the top of the water.

Why It's today's Pick

The oil slick stuck out because it was so isolated.  No other spots as far as I could see and it seemed so cohesive, not yet broken up by anything.  Of course, it made me wonder what it was and how it got there and even if it was oil.  However, after looking at it for a few seconds, it triggered a memory.  It brought be back to third or fourth grade around Halloween when at a friend's birthday party (or Halloween) party and sleepover.  We were watching Creepshow 2, an anthology horror film and one of the stories included a group of teenagers swimming out to a raft, where they encounter a strange surface anomaly like an oil slick that of course proves their demise.  I can remember sitting on the floor, staring up at the television with such intensity.    Interestingly, the film can be found on YouTube for watching.  But it's always interesting to see what kinds of things will trigger one's memories.  While inevitably, I have seen many oil slicks over the years, this one is the one to bring me back there. 

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