Photo Reflection of the Day #223: How Did That Get There?

How Did That Get There? 20151102_152643

What Is It

A small donkey statue on one of the support structures for the bridge.

Why It's today's Pick

When one takes up walking around to and from places, one finds interesting things.  I think that's been very true of this venture this year.  I'm doing more walking and keeping an eye out for the oddities that are readily available during such walks.  In this case, it's a little donkey statue that's been hanging out on the support structure for who knows how long.  I know it's been there for at least six months, but who knows beyond that.  Such strange artifact beg to tell a story.  Who put it there?  Why?  Was it a spur fo the moment idea or was it something the person plotted?  Did he or she (or they) identify the spot, go to Home Depot to find the right thing to put there?  Did they get a boat out there during high tide or wade the mud during low tide and climb up to put it there?  Did they give it a name?  Do they visit it often?  Is there stolen loot or drugs to be found in the donkey (it could be a "mule", right?)?  All sorts of thoughts come to might, but in the mean time, it sits there guarding its own secrets.  

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