Photo Reflection of the Day #210: The Trees Gots Holes

The Trees Gots Wholes - 20151012_104406

What Is It

A tree with a bunch of small little holes in the bark.  

Why It's today's Pick

I almost walked right by this tree, but then realized there was something strange about it.  I looked closer and saw these strange holes in it.  A part of me wondered if someone had drilled them all but then the reality set in that it was likely some kind of critter. I suspect termites but I imagine it could be a great many insects or parasites that enjoy the trees.  What I found most curious here was just how consistent the holes seemed in terms of their layout.  It seems almost intentionally planned (which is why I initially thought it might have been human-generated).  It makes me wonder what kind of creatures (and I'm assuming it was more than one) could collectively do something so distinct as this.  Anyone got any ideas? 

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