Photo Reflection of the Day #198: When You Look Up at an Flea Market

When You Look Up at an Flea Market - 20151011_133207

What Is It

A felted gnome on a bookshelf with a sign, "The Felted Gnome Knows Needle Felting Supplies."

Why It's today's Pick

Sometimes, you just come across things that are mildly disturbing.  In this case, at another flea market filled with all sorts of knick-knacks and curious objects, I happen to look up and encounter this fellow.  Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention or maybe I'm used to the Travelocity gnome, but this guy is a bit freaky when not expecting it.  It looks like a bastard child fo Santa with a hint of Leprechaun (from the horror movie series).  And I'm not quite sure what the person was aiming for in creating the sign, the gnome and the picture of the gnomes.  It all feels a bit too creepy for anyone to want to further inquire about felt or anything for that matter.  

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