Photo Reflection of the Day #197: Classics Illustrated: Early Negro Americans

Classics Illustrated: Early Negro Americans - 20151011_110808

What Is It

A reprint of Classics Illustrated: Early Negro Americans.

Why It's today's Pick

I came across this find at a flea market in Essex Junction, Vermont last week.  I remember hearing about this at some point but was rather surprised to find this reprint and given that it was $2, decided to buy it as an artifact, possibly for my popular culture course.  The comic leaves much to be desired in terms of what it covers, but that's to be expected given it was published in 1969 by a company that kept its content largely geared towards youth.  The one thing that strikes me about this issue is that "Classics Illustrated" as quoted on the cover itself "Featuring stories by the World's Greatest Authors" and usually adapts fiction, but this issue is a depiction of real African Americans, rather than adapting classic African American fiction.  Thus even in trying to be progressive, it's sending the message that there is not enough African American literature to adapt (even though by 1969 there are many African American authors to draw upon).

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