Photo Reflection of the Day #191: "These Guys!"

"These Guys!" - 20151001_173152

What Is It

My two cats Pumpkin (left) and Bear (right), looking up at me as I do some reading.

Why It's today's Pick

These two cats are pretty awesome.  Clearly, everyone already knows I think that given the propensity of which I post about them on social media.  But I'm always amazed at their own ways of intelligence.  Right now in this photo, they are both sitting on the couch next to me, why I read, patiently waiting for my attention (or to put down the phone).  They may be like this for 10 minutes or wander off elsewhere.  Or, in true cat fashion, one or both of them will begin to harass me while I sit there.  Bear is likely to just want to lie on me to suck up body warmth that she is forever trying to get more off (she's a heat vampire).  But Pumpkin will be insistent and demand attention, patting at the paper I am reading or nudging her way around my book.  She won't be satisfied until I've pet her for a few minutes or until she gets in the perfect position for kneading me.  However, they both follow and create their own cues for such interactions, such as right now as they stare at me with attention, informing me that they are going to pounce and I need to just let it happen already.  

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