Photo Reflection of the Day #188: Morning Rainbow

Morning Rainbow - 20150920_064120

What Is It

A morning rainbow standing over Beverly.

Why It's today's Pick

Finishing up a run the other day when I didn't have nearly as much gas in my tank as I had hoped, I found a rainbow awaiting me upon my walk home.  Rainbows are such curious things.  Though we understand how and why they appear (or think we do), they still inevitably invoke a sense of magic and whismy in us.  I think it's because most of the time we know what to expect when we look into the sky.  Blue, white, gray, yellow, or darkness and stars.  But a rainbow, just throws us for a total loop.  It's literally flying colors across the sky that we don't expect to see.  So when it does arrive--no matter how much we understand it, we're still awed by it.

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