Photo Reflection of the Day #183: He Has a Mouth But No Voice

He Has a Mouth But No Voice - 20150913_154116

What Is It

A statue at the Decordova Museum.

Why It's today's Pick

I found this statue at the Decordova Museum both fascinating and haunting.  As a friend pointed out, he looks a little bit like a mixture of a heavy metal fan and their fingers extended.  But This statue invokes in me something like a demon statute, something that borders the world and the world beyond the veil as the old horror writers used to say. I could even see it as a figure in Dante's Inferno, pinned to this strange artifice, trying to scream out for help but lacking any voice (since he doesn't really have a throat).  But all that is to say, I find the image evokes more darker images than a heavy metal rocker.

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