Photo Reflection of the Day #181: Thoreau's Cabin

Thoreau's Cabin - 20150913_142247

What Is It

The site where Henry David Thoreau's cabin was during his experience written about in On Walden Pond.

Why It's today's Pick

I try to get out to Walden Pond at least once a year.  It's a nice serene and green space that is a hallmark of Americana (and American literature).  In particular, I like to visit the site where Thoreau's cabin stood and see this little space.  I always find it curious that they used stone pillars and chains to mark the perimeter of it and allow you to step inside to get a sense of the place.  I appreciate that they haven't re-created the cabin here on this spot (though you can see a facsimile near the parking lot to the park) and that you see just what nature has left of his efforts, which I think is its own postscript to On Walden Pond.

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