Photo Reflection of the Day #178: Try Getting These Geese In a Row

Try Getting These Geese In a Row - 20150910_182001

What Is It

A flock of Canadian geese wandering in a park.

Why It's today's Pick

Now, I know a great many deal of people are not fans of Canadian geese.  They're often in big flocks and get in the way.  They poop everywhere and are known to be a bit aggressive.  But I still like them.  We can call it a nostalgia-infused appeal since some of my memories are feeding Canadian geese and ducks at the Mill Pond in Danvers before going to YMCA Summer Camp, decades ago, but I also marvel at their bulk and their numbers.  It's one thing to see pigeons gather in a city park, searching for food or to see a flock of birds flying in the sky, but these guys largely waddle about in large groups, often in people-created spaces.  I can appreciate how they merely invade and make what was once nature's and is now human's territory back into nature's territory.

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