Photo Reflection of the Day #175: #SelfieSunday #24

#SelfieSunday #24 - 2015-09-13 20.11.58

What Is It

A picture of me on the couch.

Why It's Today's Pick

Well, I've been inconsistent with the selfie-Sundays but I thought this one I had to follow through with because it is of course, my birthday.  So you're looking at the face of a 36-year old as of today.  Age is such a strange thing.  It's how we mark time but it doesn't necessarily tell us much.  I have trouble looking at myself and seeing a 36-year old.  Not because I feel I'm younger or older than that but most because it doesn't hold substance in terms of the person looking back at me.  I guess I still go back to Douglas Adams' description of time in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:  "Time is an illusion; lunchtime doubly so."  I can see some changes in time in this face--more developed lines mayhaps, but that doesn't necessarily translate into much because the eyes still look out into the world with wonder and excitement. Who knows--maybe next year, I'll get it.  

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