Photo Reflection of the Day #171: Bugged Out

Bugged Out - 20150905_123146

What Is It

A good-sized spider sitting in the center of its web.

Why It's Today's Pick

I missed this one completely until Chris pointed it out to me.  This little spider made a good size web in the front yard and was a rather larger one than I usually see.  I was mesmerized with its pattern and more impressed with its size.  There was a (slightly-sadistic) part of me that wanted to hang around and watch to see if a bug got caught to see how quickly the spider would spring into action.  Though I guess I do have other things to fill my day, it could have been something cool to watch.  I don't know why this has become "bug week" on the photo reflections but sometimes, you've got to go with what's there.  

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