Photo Reflection of the Day #95: What Are You Signifying?

What Is It

A sign posted throughout Daytona Beach Shores area.

Why It's Today's Pick

In my travels while running down in Daytona Beach Shores, I encounter this sign a lot.  It seems to be on posts every 1/10th of a mile.  I kept passing by it and it continued to hound me and make me thing.  The slogan seems troubling to me.  I find it interesting that it is a quotations as if someone has said this.  Well, who said it and why did the town decide this was to be their slogan?  Did no one specifically say it, but the people who decide such things, decide that it would be better to pretend that someone said it.  Could having someone saying it (indicated by the quotations) allow some distance from the town leaders themselves declaring it.  Almost as an self-endorsement hiding as some public endorsement?  That captured my thought for a while.  However, then there is the content of the slogan.  How is life "better here"?  Is it just the sunny and warm weather?  If so, how is high humidity and upper eights and nineties during a significant amount of months of the year, "better"?  I'm not sure that it is.  Is it something about the place that makes it better?  I find this doubtful too--after all, I seem innumerable closed shops, houses in disrepair, homeless, and other signs of decay.  I guess in the end, the sign--because it is posted everywhere--left me to think long and hard about it.  However, the sign seems not to deliver on its promise.  

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