Photo Reflection of the Day #91: A More Accessible City

What Is It

A sidewalk panel with raised bumps.

Why It's Today's Pick

The first few times I saw these things, I didn't really see them.  I walked by or over them without consideration.  I remember that during one summer when I kept seeing them it slowly became obvious what they were there for.  If you haven't seen them or ever wondered what these are, they are sidewalk squares that are usually near street intersections or places where a person can park.  I initially realized that they were for people who are visually impaired as a means of locating where the best places to cross are or just indicator that a cross is coming up.  However, over the last year, I've also seen that they are useful for people who need wheels for their mobility (including adults with strollers).  The bumps can provide enough resistance to wheels leaning against them while the person waits for an opportunity to cross.  It seems that cities are installing them pretty thoroughly in the downtown areas.  They install them beyond this but it seems usually only when the sidewalk itself needs replacing.  It's an interesting and smart idea that makes the city a more accessible and safe place for everyone.

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