Photo Reflection of the Day #87: When Does a Stop Sign, Stop Being a Stop Sign?

What Is It

A stop sign on the ground in my neighborhood.

Why It's Today's Pick

I saw this sign yesterday when I was coming home and wondered if it would still be here today for the photo of the day and it was.  When I was finishing my run this morning, I stumbled upon it and snapped up a photo of it.  The photo first reminded me of when I was a kid in the car on an icy day when my dad (or it could have been my mother) slid into a stop sign while we were in the car.  I also thought this stop sign looked rather sad--like there should be a chalk outline of it as it lay on the sterile ground.  But then I thought that it's bright red and white adds color to a rather drab sidewalk.  Ok, I guess it's time to STOP. 

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