Photo Reflection of the Day #86: We Are Dew For Spring

What Is It

A rain drop getting ready to drop from a plant on a rainy day.

Why It's Today's Pick

So I somehow numbered these wrong.  87 went out yesterday and 86 today.  Hopefully no one will notice.

There's always something fascinating about a drop of water forming and getting ready to fall.  I also happy that this photo came out as well as I had imagined it with the focus on the leaf and the water and the background blurred out.  In some ways, it reminds me of life and how one learns to focus on certain things to the intentional or unintentional exclusion of other things.  But further within that to also be able to focus on one specific thing among many different things.  This branch is no different than the others but I chose to focus in on this one and not the others.  Such moments always leave me asking--why?  In the immediate sense, it's easy to answer.  It was closer to the pathway I was walking; it had a rain drop on it; I could get a good angle on it.  But is that type of selection process also what pushes us through the world--selecting people, jobs, life decisions based on such simplified traits?

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