Photo Reflection of the Day #85: That's An Awful Lot of Cornflakes

What Is It

A window display in a residential home in my neighborhood.

Why It's Today's Pick

I went on a walk this morning and stumbled upon this.  This house is about 4 houses away from my apartment and I've not yet noticed this.  (In my defense--though I supposed I don't need defending--I've only walked by it 8-10 times, half of which it has been covered with snow).  I came around a corner and realized that it wasn't just someone's living room but someone had taken the time to make this some kind of display.  This is a residential neighborhood so it caught me by surprise.  The contents too also seemed fascinating in that they indicated an older decorum but then you have the funky-colored wreath hanging above.  I thought I was going to find something interested to take a picture of in terms of the water front, but this was a most curious find.  It makes me want to talk to the people who live there to find out more about why they have done this and who they are.

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