Photo Reflection of the Day #84: Please Take Notice

What Is It

A sign reading "Notice - This Is Not An Entrance"--near a building exit that looks like an entrance.

Why It's Today's Pick

While taking a mid-day constitution around the campus, I saw this for the first time.  To be clear, it has probably been there for a while but this is the first time I saw it and decided to snap a photo.  The sign feels like something out of a Monty Python skit and it seems like it's saying, "Notice!  This is not an entrance."  It makes sense with the word choice but it is amusing still the same.  Beyond that, I also wondered if I played around with the filters, could it make it look a bit more creepy.  I figure with the dead grass, abandoned trees, and stains around the sign, it could all look quite spooky in a black and white filter.

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