Photo Reflection of the Day #83: #SelfieSunday #14

What Is It

Morning selfie in the car.

Why It's Today's Pick

So this is selfie #14--rather cool that I've been doing this for 14 weeks consistently.  The hair-thing is a bit out of control but I've made the decision to not shave until I hear from the program that I applied to about whether I got in or not.  No real reason why besides the fact that it was the last time I shaved.  We'll see if I keep to it.  But the hair is definitely in it's annoying itchy phase.  I'm also not sure if the reflection on the left glass frame (the viewer's left) is the outside or the camera itself.  I took this picture just before we took off to spend Easter lunch with my wife's family--though we were leaving earlier than mid-day, trying to get in a few errands.  It's still cold enough that I'm bearing a jacket--hopefully that will cease sometime very soon!

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