Photo Reflection of the Day #81: Mmmm...I Can Really (Not) Taste the Crickets

What Is It

A picture of a half-eaten (by me) food bar made from crickets by Chapul.

Why It's Today's Pick

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were watching a pop-corn flick, Snowpiercer.  It's nothing to write home about but one scene reveals that the main staple of food for the poorer people living on this train is bugs.  I jokingly laughed and said that it was the future of our food.  This comment was inspired by a TED Talk by Megan Miller on Are Insects the Future of Food as well as many other items I have read on environmentalism and sustainability.  So after my wife and I debated the likelihood of this as a future, I went out and bought some cricket-based bars from Chapul to try out.  This was one of them--it was there "Aztec Bar"--with "dark chocolate, coffee, and cayenne."  In truth, it wasn't spectacular but it was no different in taste or texture than any protein or energy bar that I've had elsewhere.  If they are the future of food--they're not a bad option at all.  They were not various wings and legs sticking out and if no one told you it was made of crickets, you would have never known.

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