Running Update

So I've been rather quiet on the running front of late.  The last I posted on running was way back in August when I was talking about my recovery.  I continued running through the fall and completed the Baystate Marathon, though came in around the same time as the year before, which was disappointing but there wasn't much I could do about it.  However, I have been running pretty consistently since then and am looking forward to another season of running.

Monthly Running Mileage.
Monthly Running Mileage.
I'm mostly itching to get outside and start running.  I've been running for months but it has been all on the treadmill.  I've learned to tolerate the treadmill pretty decently, so long as I had Netflix to get me through it.  January and February were less than stellar.  I blame that mostly on moving in late January coupled with the start of the semester and of course, blizzard season. March has me in much finer form and the forthcoming months will be more successful in this regard.

I'm also itching to get another crack at a half-marathon and beat the 2:00 mark.  I'm so close and I feel like I have a solid strategy and comfort level with the half-marathon that I will do it this year.  Meanwhile on the marathon front, I just hope I get in enough long-runs that I can get under the 4:20 mark come this fall when I tackle the Baystate Marathon for the third year.

Anywho, for those interested in the runs that I'm signed up for, here they are!

Moose on the Loose Half Marathon

Nashua, New Hampshire
Sunday, April 12

Maine Coast Marathon

Sunday, May 10

Triple Threat Half-Marathon

Sunday, August 2

Half Marathon by the Sea

Sunday, September 27

Baystate Marathon

Sunday, October 18th

So what races are you signed up for?  What are some of your running goals this year?

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