Photo Reflection of the Day #76: Cookie's Fortune

What Is It

A photo of a fortune cookie that reads, "Fear is interest paid on a debt you may not owe."

Why It's Today's Pick

The fortune cookie was a pretty easy choice for today's picture.  I went out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant with my colleagues and this was my fortune at the end.  I found it a curious fortune for me to get because I generally don't think of myself as carrying around a lot of fear.  At least not to my knowledge.  However, as I started to write a quasi-self-righteous post about why I don't carry fear, I began to reflect and realize that there are times when I'm rushing or feel anxious about something I'm engaged in.  When I give myself the chance and step back, I can trace the rushing and anxiousness to some element of fear.  Sometimes, it's small stuff or familiar stuff, and on occasion, it's completely something I didn't even realize that I was holding onto.  So I can would only add to this that it's not only a debt you may not owe--it may be interest you're paying without even realizing it.   

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