Photo Reflection of the Day #74: That Lil Extra Push!

What Is It

The screen on my treadmill after completing 6 miles.

Why It's Today's Pick

The weather hasn't quite picked up in terms of me being able to run outside, but I have attempted to still step up with the running.  I've signed up for 3-4 half marathons and one marathon and therefore need to get my running going.  This last week I got myself back to running 10 minute miles (including doing 10 miles at 10 minute miles).  But not every day is easy.  Today was a struggle to get to 6 miles in an hour.  I fought with myself pretty hard and came close to slowing down or quitting.  There was no fatigue or pain to speak of--just the some-times nagging voice telling me to skip the workout or not do as much.  I don't manage to conquer that voice every time it comes--I succumb to it more than I would like.  But today, I beat it and so my photo of the day is my accomplishment.

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