Photo Reflection of the Day #69: Avoiding Plastic Bottles

What Is It

The number count of how many plastic bottles have not been used as a result of using the bottle station at the water fountain.

Why It's Today's Pick

Every day when I go to fill up my water canteen, I look at this at the water fountain on the Danvers Campus of North Shore Community College.  I've watch this number grow over the last few years from under 100 plastic bottles to nearly 16000.  That's exciting, though when I compare to the one on the Lynn Campus, it is dwarfed by comparison.  In part, it's because the Lynn fountain is in an area that the majority of people who enter the building are likely to pass.  By contrast, this one is hidden away at the end of the cafeteria where only few people visit.  So to me, it seems like a sad number--a number that could be higher, were more people aware of it and it was in a more consistent place.  I also wonder if such green initiatives couldn't be more actively encouraged as positive behaviors such as the school acknowledging and nudging people to get the number as high as possible.  Sure, someone might try to do this by wasting water but many would have an added incentive to use it--after all, we all like to see that we have an impact and something like this does that in a very simple and clear way.

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