Photo Reflection of the Day #68: My Grandmother's Art

What Is It

A photo of a piece of art that my grandmother painted.

Why It's Today's Pick

This painting hangs in our kitchen.  It used to hang in the previous apartment, which is also where my grandmother lived for some 15 years while I was growing up.  I like the fact that I have something from her that reveals one of her many skills and interests.  She was such a fascinating woman--she danced, she painted, she played the organ, and many other things that I didn't know about.  I just knew her as Gram--my grandmother who lived downstairs and played Go Fish or War with or watched Murder, She Wrote, or who made awesome cookies.  So I like to have this in my house as a reminder of her.  I also like the picture itself--a road in the country side.  At times, I imagine myself walking down such a road, trying to take in all the information that the painting provides--the wind, the smell, the colors.

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