Photo Reflection of the Day #67: #SelfieSunday #11

What Is It

Post-run/post-shower selfie.

Why It's today's Pick

After finishing a run, I took the necessary shower and so decided I would take a selfie, being all fresh and clean.  I meant to take a selfie of sorts earlier when I was doing an interview with Josh Kornbluth, but it slipped my mind because I was so excited to be talking to him via Google Hangouts.  Anywho, it's curious to take photos in this new apartment where it so bright and my skin then becomes a large reflective surface of sorts.  I think of this in contrast to my photos I tried to take in the previous (basement) apartment, where flash was almost always necessary.  When I look at this photo, I have to wonder what a caricature artist would do with it.  I've never had one done but I'm curious what he or she would choose.  I used to think I have big ears, but you almost don't even see them here.  I often think my forehead is huge but then this photo makes me wonder about my nose.  Maybe one of these Sundays, I'll do a self-portrait or a caricature artist draw me.

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