Photo Reflection of the Day #65: Slick Water

What Is It

A stream of water from melting snow with a layer of oil to it.

Why It's Today's Pick

As a child, I was always mesmerized by oil and water when it came together in little pools in potholes or unleveled ground.  It fascinating to see the swirling of water and oil and the colors that came from it.  And yet as an adult, I look at this and though those nostalgic feelings still pull at me, there's also a feeling of dread when I watch this river of melting snow with it's sustained oil-slick moving along it.  I think about the issues of climate change and how so much of it is like this oil slick--occasionally, visible in certain lights and pockets, but largely invisible.  That is, all of this oil is embedded around us, but it's only when the snow transitions to water and slips into sewers, streams, and oceans do we actually see it--and even then, only momentarily.  The rest of the time, we just experience the results of this persistent pollution.

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