Photo Reflection of the Day #56: Ideals of American Womanhood

What Is It

An image of an article in Harper's Weekly from June 20, 1903.  

Why It's Today's Pick

I was visiting Witch City Consignment today and wandering through their various goods.  I found an ephemeral section with newspapers, magazines, etc.  I purchased this Harper's Weekly from 1903 along with a Life from 1943.  I thought they would make for an interest contrast of materials that I can share in some of the courses that I teach.  This particular image and article stood out to me and I figured I would take a photo of it to share.  It's an article on "The Business Woman" by Theodora Wadsworth-Baker (you can see more of this article--mayhaps, a bit clearer, here).  I found this interesting that we have this concept of the "Business Woman" as far back as 1903.  I plan to read the article soon and see what constitutes a "business woman"--as I have my doubts about the kind of advice and professional expectations are embedded in the writing--but I'm also hoping I'm pleasantly surprised.

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