Photo Reflection of the Day #55: Donating to Our Vampire Overlords

What Is It

A sticker I received after donating blood today.

Why It's Today's Pick

For a long time, I regularly donated blood every six weeks.  Then I got a bone infection and got out of the habit for years.  North Shore Community College regularly has a blood drive and so it's helped me to regularly donate blood.  However, having studied monsters, I can't help but to make jokes about donating blood to our vampire overlords.  I know the nurses have heard it all before but it's fun to ask "so, do you keep the vampires in the van?"  They roll with it quite nicely and I appreciate that.  It's sometimes the only way to make what is a very strange experience less so.  I mean after all, these people that I don't know are removing my literal life-blood with the goal that it will sustain some stranger who I am unlikely to meet.  In some ways, it's like giving a child up for adoption.  You've played a pivotal role in someone's ability to hold onto life but will never meet them.  Ok--that's enough deep contemplation for today--I hope my vampire overlords are happy with their (my) latest fix.

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