Photo Reflection of the Day #52: Shadow Dog

What Is It

A hand shadow of a dog on from classroom projector.

Why It's today's Pick

I was always amused with hand shadow puppets but never really good with them.  The dog or the fighting squirrel were the best that I could do.  And yet, I am inevitably tempted whenever this is the chance to make shadow puppets.  In this case, I was waiting for a computer to book up while the project was on.  In thinking of shadows of course, it's easy to slip into discussion of facades and even "the cave" but in such a vain, they remind me more of movies and fiction--they are not real--in fact, to some degree, they block out the real (i.e. light or living actual life), and yet, they provide something worth considering when not engaged with them.  I think about how all the stories (shadows) move with me through my life and it's rather rewarding.  By the way, can you tell that I composed this before my literature course.

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