Photo Reflection of the Day #51: #SelfieSunday #8

What Is It

Selfie with a headset microphone on.

Why It's Today's Pick

Wow--I missed the last two days.  I ran out of time and just had trouble focusing on something to capture with the camera.  That might also be why Selfie-Sunday is useful as I can't argue about not having something to snap on these days.  Here we go again with a few weeks of stubble.  The hair comes in and my receeding hair line becomes clearer and clearer.  I figured I'd take a picture with the headphones as I was making mini-lectures for my online students.  You can always check out my videos on one of my two YouTube stations.  One is my personal account and the other is my school account.  If you noticed, I have a slight cut on the right side of my nose.  Bear got a little too frisky the other day.  

This submission is part of the 365 Challenge.  For 2015's submissions, check out this link to all the posts.  For access to all photos, which open for reuse under a Creative Commons License, check out the full album on Flickr.

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