Photo Reflection of the Day #43: Fearless Ave in Lynn - So True!

What Is It

Fearless Ave street sign in Lynn, Massachusetts

Why It's Today's Pick

I saw this while making an hour-long commute to work--a commute that is typically about 20 minutes.  I had seen the street before and thought about snapping a photo--today, it was ideal.  It helped to remind me and relax me.  The commute can be frustrating, especially when it take so much longer than usual.  At the core of that frustration, I tend to think there is a bit of fear--fear of wasting one's life away in traffic.  I also liked the idea of "Fearless" sticking out on top of a snow pile as at this time of year, it rather useful to keep in mind.  Yes, more snow is on the way, but fearing less is likely to get us through it. I also like this photo because despite the mound of snow in the front, there are lighter skies in the background, promising that spring may just yet arrive! 

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