Photo Reflection of the Day #41: Well then, the Eyes have it...

What Is It

A piece of paper with a bunch of googly eyes on it in the form of an eye.

Why It's today's Pick

Another day of shoveling, running, and doing work and I didn't manage to capture an outdoor image--though I wish I had time as there were a few shots that would have been great.  Instead, I decided to throw out some googly eyes for this picture.  I keep meaning to get some glue and start to glue googly eyes in random places.  But until then, I found this to be an interesting use of eyes shaped into a eye-shape.  I didn't realize it while I was taking it, but the reflection from the ceiling light in present in all of them and you can actually see some reflection in of the room in many of the eyes.  For some reason too, I thought using lined paper was a good choice.

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