Photo Reflection of the Day #39: #SelfieSunday #6

What Is It

Another selfie--post workout.

Why It's Today's Pick

It's another cold wintry day of snow and I'm stuck inside running on the treadmill.  I look forward to running outside again some day--it's been months.  I wear a bandanna when running.  I don't like wearing a hat or anything else.  The bandanna seems the perfect tool to keep the sweat away.  At times, it gets drenched enough that it drips down on my neck, providing a bit more cooling.  It's curious in this picture to see my pupils so small, but that's probably because the room is rather bright, which I do like.  You can also see the 1-week's worth of stubble since shaving last week.  In the background, I tried to get some of the treadmill too.  At the bottom of the picture, you can see the snowflakes that are part of the tech-shirt's design from when I ran the Frosty Four a few years back.  I haven't been back since because well, it's damn cold on New Years Day!

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