Photo Reflection of the Day #38: Mount Snow

What Is It

A steep hill that leads from the Harrington Building to the Academic Building on Salem State University's South Campus.

Why It's today's Pick

I came around the corner and saw this and was like--egad!  I know it wasn't all snow--after all, I hiked this hill regularly my freshman year at Salem State.  Also, for a few years I taught in the building there at the top.  I guess I just saw this as image of a giant mountain of snow as prophetic as we are supposedly getting another foot of snow or more on top of all that has come in the last two weeks.  I also liked this filter  (antique) as it embodied how we all feel about the snow--that it's getting real old real fast!  My only regret about this photo is that I didn't actually go outside and take it--in the left corner, you can see the reflection of a light in the glass that separated me and the outside.

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