Photo Reflection of the Day #37: Ice Pipeline

What Is It

A column of ice that had developed as the snow on the roof has melted and re-freezed along the line gutter.

Why It's Today's Pick

When I first got home today, I tried to take a picture of this but was not overly impressed with this and felt like I was settling.  It happens at times with these pictures.  Sometimes, nothing great is to be taken and so I take what I can get.  However, when I came home from an errand with the sun slowly declining, I realized this was a perfect opportunity.  I really liked this photo as it better captured the column of ice with its numerous overlapping veins.  Even more cool about this picture is the shadow cast by the ice to make it look like rugged shadow mounts to the right of the ice column.  I also love how in the full picture, this column just feels like it goes on forever.

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