Photo Reflection of the Day #35: There Is a Picnic Table Under There

What Is It

A large pile of snow with the hint of a picnic table underneath.

Why It's Today's Pick

Well, there is definitely a picnic table underneath there.  However, with all the snow (and necessary snow-removal) of late, it has been buried--mayhaps we will see it come spring.  Perhaps, it is like the bear and looks to bury itself for the foreseeable future. We're expecting another storm and I have to wonder if this table will all but disappear.  It reminds me in part of something being buried in dirt, only to be discovered centuries later by someone. 

I like the contours of the snow as it bends and twists.  Clearly, some of this is unnatural with the trace evidence of some plow to do the heavy lifting, but it does feel almost serpentine in how the snow settles onto and around the table. 

I'm also realizing this is the second shot of a picnic table that I've taken.  I wonder about this replication and assume it must be some inner desire for a time in which it would be warm enough to sit at a picnic table.

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