Photo Reflection of the Day #34: Accidents Happen

What Is It

My car after someone nicked the mirror in the parking lot.

Why It's Today's Pick

Accidents happen and this one did while I was not in my car.  It's often a little disconcerting when you get a text from a colleague that campus police are looking for you.  "Did they find the body?" Is my gut reaction--which is weird because I've yet to hide a body (yes, this is gallows humor; not some subtle confession).  

Anywho, I went out to the car to take a look at the damage.  Not bad and certainly manageable--though it did make driving home, interesting.  

I rather liked this shot with this filter (bleach).  The stark blue with yellow and white which draws the eye but the dirty snow lets us know that the white is grime--a dirty white.  I also find the different reflections that you can see with the different surfaces of both cars, the windows, and mirror.  

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