Photo Reflection of the Day #32: #SelfieSunday #5

What Is It

A selfie with me freshly shaven and looking up!

Why It's Today's Pick

So we're back to selflie sunday!  In this instance, I figured I would keep on another face shot since it is indeed different from last weeks.  Freshly shaven or as my wife says, I'm "new" again.  While it is the same me, it seems quite the difference from last week's photo.  However, in this photo, it's interesting to see that the scar on my chin is visible.  That's a scare from when I was six and flipped over on my bike's handle bars and landed on my chin.  Thirty years later, it still sits there.  As for looking upward, I didn't quite feel like looking right into the camera.  Maybe with selfies, there's a bit of self-consciousness about doing it, but I would rather look somewhere else.  

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