Book Review: Dungeons & Dreams

Book cover to Dungeons and Dreams by Brad King and John Borland.Here is a book review that I published for the Northeast Popular Culture Association (NEPCA!) from last month.

"Revising their 2003 first edition (subtitled: The Rise of Computer Game Culture from Geek to Chic) Brad King and John Borland set off on their own adventure to show just how far role playing games have gone from the tabletop beginnings of Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s to the massive multi-player online games of today such as World of Warcraft. In doing so, they craft a bridge of history that explores how tabletop gamers of yesteryear went on to become the programmers and entrepreneurs who delivered many of the best video game and group-player experiences of the last twenty years."

For the rest of the review, please visit the NEPCA Website.

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