The New 365 Challenge: Photo Reflections

I enter into my third year of a 365 Challenge and I have decided I to try something non-reading related.  I certainly enjoyed reading a book a day and a short-story reflection a day, but this year, I'm going for something that I feel could help me in a different way.  
Photo of a camera lens.  Source:

I like to think I can make good observations, but usually, I don't observe well when it comes to visuals.  I'm often good with the big concept but not the details.  For this project, I'd like to look at the smaller pictures, so to speak.  Each day I will try to take a photo of something and write a small reflection of what I see within the picture.  My hope is that this will start to help me think about the visual world a bit more while also making me look at the world around me more for interesting pictures to collect.  

So in setting down this course, I should set up some guidelines to work with.  They're guidelines and not mandatory rules as I anticipate this year I will need a bit more flexibility given the other projects I have going on.

1.  No more than one selfie a week.

Actually, maybe I will make it Selfie-Sunday and catalog my appearance weekly for discernible changes as part of the project as a whole.  

2.  100 word reflection.

This might be a challenge to always reach 100 words, but I think it's a reasonable goal as it makes me sit with an picture for a reasonable amount of time.  

3.  Use only pictures taken in my presence.

There will be no diving into the interwebs to grab pictures.  I must take all the pictures or at least be present when another person snaps it.  

4.  The picture must be taken within 24 hours of the post.

There will be no banking of pictures.  I can only choose 1 photo that I have taken in the previous 24 hours.  This adds an element of challenge but I also think it's useful to help me focus and keep a constant look out for new photo ops.

5.  Make all pictures available through Creative Commons.

All photos will be posted into this folder for use by others for Attribution-ShareAlike license from Creative Commons.  Like this blog and many other things that I create, I believe if others will find them useful, they should be able to use them within certain limitations (e.g. that they also share).

I will do my best to do this every day this year, but I recognize there will be a share of challenges that might get in the way.  So unlike last year with the short-story reflection a day, if I miss days, I will not make them up.  

So what challenges and goals are you giving yourself this year?  What guidelines would you add to the list above?

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