Photo Reflection of the Day #9: I'm Pooped!

What Is It

It's a little drawing that I did on a piece of paper that is made from elephant dung and rice paddy (No kidding!  Check out Ellie Pooh Paper).

Why It's Today's Pick

I like to doodle though I largely suck at drawing.  It's in the doodling that I often let my mind wandering and enjoy the synchronous wandering and creation that happens on the paper and in the mind.  My friend gave me a present that was a notepad from Ellie Pooh Paper - paper that is remade from elephant dung and rice paddy pulped together.  I found that rather fascinating in an environmental sense.  I'm impressed with the creativity that can come from literally crap and how it can be reinvented into something else.  I think that's also why I often doodle.  In the end, the drawing/doodling is crap, but the process may have opened ideas or opportunities for other things to occur.  

Interesting side note, I didn't realize this was where I was going with the reflection.  I thought I was just going to talk about Ellie Pooh Paper, but once I started writing, I realized the connection between my doodling and the nature of the paper.

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