Photo Reflection of the Day #8: What Do Vegetarians Eat

What Is It

My dinner, consisting of some lettuce, roasted potatoes, and cheesy cauliflower.  

Why It's Today's Pick

My wife and I are vegetarians.  Often, the first question we get asked is, "Well, what do you eat?"  It usually hints at some means it being amazing that in modern society it is hard to be vegetarian (it's not).  Followed by this, is often questions asking about whether we eat cheese and dairy and then onto the big question, "What about protein!?!?!"  (Thanks meat industry for making it seem entirely impossible to be a vegetarian and still be able to get ample protein).  

But I'm always amused by the question of "But what do you eat?"  It implies that my options are so limited because I have no meat in my diet.  I find this strange because when I ask omnivores what they eat or what kind of meat they have, it's pretty limited:  chicken, cow, pig, turkey, sometimes sheep or deer.  But largely the big four and therefore, their food selections are that which must be paired with the big four meats.  

But this is my plate.  Plenty of foot, plenty of taste, plenty of character, plenty of color. In generally, I find it not hard to keep myself well fed (and let's be honest, overfed) with ample vegetarian options that are tasty and usually (though certainly not always--mac n cheese, I'm looking at you) nutritious. 

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