Photo Reflection of the Day #7: A Cold January Moonlit Morning

What Is It

The moon still in the sky around 6:45am this morning on a cold single-digits January morning.

Why It's Today's Pick

The bluish hue to the morning summarizes this cold and dreary day.  Without the wind, it is cold but it's not so bad (at least to me).  But what I liked in this moment is how the overwhelming cold along with the clear sky tinges everything, making it seem even colder.  In this context, the trees, the homes, the wires, all feel pulled down.  The moon has a glow but it too is overpowered by the sky.  I fell like this is what the world would look like were it to freeze over.  There feels an element of solemnity about the moment--as if I'm intruding in this moment between the moon and weather.  And yet, there's also the one shining life from the window in the white house on the left.  It is the one light and space in this picture that doesn't feel overpowered by the cold.  

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