Photo Reflection of the Day #5: Sunset at the Peabody Golf Course

What Is It

I caught the last lights of the day while taking a walk at the Peabody Golf Course today.  

Why It's today's Pick

Today was a hard day to get out.  On top of it being in the twenties with a nasty wind, I was sick with a cold.  Now, in general, colds aren't too bad but on the second day, I'm usually at my worst.  The first day is sniffles and a light tinge in the back of my throat but the second day, it comes full blast.  The full blast is usually a mix of aches and a brain-fog that is hard to shake.  On these days, I usually do my best to take the day off and sleep as much as possible and drink lots of liquids.  However, that doesn't make me feel entirely better as I have been cooped up all day.  So my wife and I went for a walk when she came home and I snapped this photo.  I like it as a reminder of many things.  

It's a reminder that even little outings like a walk can produce beautiful results.

It's a reminder that everyone, yes, even the sun, needs down time (and I get that technically, it's not true, but go with the metaphor).  

It's a reminder that even in the cold when so much else is in recluse, the sun and still light up some spectacular sights.

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